Men’s Cafe Racer Jacket

History Behind Cafe Racers Jacket
From its name it is obvious that racers used to wear this jacket. Back in the day, soldiers after coming from world war II used to wear this jacket when they wanted to go to clubs and loosen up. This was their signature casual, wan to have fun vibe jacket. Today, the café racer jacket is famous for all the right reasons but not for solely being a trademark for motorcyclists but for having cool attributes and stylish overlook.

The men’s café racer jacket has evolved a lot since then. People have enhanced it’s look by adding a little spark of their own which represents them. It has started getting popularity among the non-motorcyclists for the new trend. Overall, the café racer jacket is very attractive and has this bad boy appeal that attracts people to buy them.

Features Of A Typical Men’s Cafe Racer Jacket

A standard café racer jacket comes in a solid color with generous amount of pockets. Although, these racer jackets are available in various colors but you can never go wrong with a classic black or a smooth brown jacket. They are famous for their straight collars and suave texture that looks effortlessly good over anything.

Black Leather Jacket

This is the epic leather jacket for people who wants to give off a cool stylish lad vibes. This can also be an option for those who want to try something new and wild. With its smooth texture and iconic color, nothing is left to stop your from rocking this Jacket.

Classic Leather Jacket

This leather jackets is composed of high quality sheepskin leather which has this unique engraving that looks like a piece of art. If you are tired of wearing a solid black than try this leather jacket. It’s texture make it extraordinary and worth buying for.

Burgundy Leather Jacket

Time to spice things up! With this gorgeous burgundy leather jacket you will be standing out among other lads for sure. This is a treat for sore eyes that enhances the whole personality.

How To Match And Style Men’s Cafe Racer Jacket

You won’t need to stress much on it as they already look divine over a casual outfit. In fact, it is best to wear this leather jacket over a casual neutral colored t-shirt such as white, grey, brown to obtain that rugged yet simple look. These leather jackets look good in every color but while choosing it is recommended to look for an electric blue, a chocolaty brown or a sharp black jacket. They without a doubt match with every single fit and are perfect for both formal and informal events.

Accessories To Pair With Your Cafe Racer Jacket

After synchronizing various color combinations it is recommended to consider textures that will look good with the attire. Leather pants are a good choice to pair and you might even get into the character of a bad boy. Matching wallets and shoulder bags is even better. Same color leather boots is the only left to make you rock the racer vibes.