Men’s Fur Shearling Coats

Fur coats have been existing alongside jackets for as long as we remember. Since former times, human have been struggling to find unique ways to protect themselves against the freezing temperatures. During this process, they have discovered many techniques from using as basic as bushes to using fur from animals. This method was later modified and was practically converted into a fashion staple that every men and women desired.

The popularity of shearling coats increased in 1950s when these coats were seen more than a mean to provide warmth. They were advertises in galas, premieres and movies by celebrities. Shearling was considered a premium, elegant fabric that not everyone could afford in the beginning. Not much has changes just like the designs set by the Victorians.

Other than its efficient functionality, they are liked because of its soft and thick texture. People owning a shearling coat have described it as wearing a cloud or getting hugged by a cloud. They are so comfy and warm to make you forget what cold feels like. You will often hear the term sheepskin with shearling. Both are similar in durability, protection and condition.

Why Are Men’s Fur Shearling Coats Expensive?

There are numerous factors for an average men’s fur shearling coat to be expensive. The first and the foremost factor is the source. The shearling fabric is the authentic sheepskin fabric which is extremely pricy to get. The second factor is the formation of a flawless Shearling coat which requires heavy man work for processing and stitching.

The waterproof, dense shearlings coats are a luxury many dream. So, choose carefully and invest in the best fur coat. Take extra care of this fur coat, soak them in lukewarm water instead of machines washing to prevent tearing. Air dry them instantly after washing.

How Many Ways Can You Use Men’s Fur Shearling Coats?

Fur shearling coats are ideal for the winter seasons especially for cold areas like North Pole or South Pole. They are incredibly warm and great for regulating warmth. Although these coats are meant to be worn in the snow but they can survive light rain too.

Shearling coats are thankfully never getting out if style. Shearling Coats are a true statement of elegance, class and style. Great quality about shearling coat is that not much effort is required to make it look good. They look effortlessly attractive over any attire. There was a time when fur shows were paired with these coats.

How To Differentiate Between A Real Shearling And A Fake

Due to Shearling Coats being pricey, fake or faux copies are being made and sell in the market. No one would want to get a duplicate, fake shearling jacket for the price of an authentic one. To differentiate between the two, run your fingers through the fur, if it will feel like a woven fabric.

The quality of the fur mattered back in the day. The premium the quality, the higher the class.