Men’s Leather Duster

You might have heard about different types of winter coats or various styles if jackets. But, have you heard about numerous types of Duster coats? Duster coats are a full length coats designed to use in the rain. It also helps in keeping the clothes dust free and clean. Back in the day, duster coats were used by the horseback riders for comfort.

At first, these coats looked hideous but as the fashion developed it became better and they are now in trend too. The original duster coasts were made in linen fabric and were as long as 45 inches. They are incredibly light weigh and in loose fitting. They were mostly used in open areas or vehicles to prevent getting dust. Hence, they are called Duster coats

Are Men’s Duster Coats Comfortable?

The Duster coats are getting popular once again. They are similar to overcoats and are extremely comfortable to wear over whichever attire. It’s light fabric and extra space makes it breathable yet a stylish look to consider wearing. Men were usually into these duster coats at first. In the nineteenth century, cowboys tried the duster coat for the first time to explore if it protect their clothes from getting dusty. Since then, they have been hitting it off.

What Are Duster Coats Like?

Duster coats used for different purposes have different variations such as they are water-resistant. These coats have a back slit which also has button closing in some designs. Even though, they are long but still they are light, doesn’t hold down the wearer. A recent development in duster coats is the addition of the hood. This is added to protect the rider against sunlight and also come on handy during rain. These coats are open style with flaps given to adjust. They are now available in many colors with both short and dull length. They are also being made in other fabrics including leather fabric, with functional pockets.

How Men’s Leather Duster Coats Look Over Outfits

Leather Duster Coats looks good with both casual looks and formal looks. They are typically worn as open style. Ideally leather goes well with leather pants and leather boots. But, a causal cotton t-shirt with contrast pants would so the job too. Duster coats can be customized according to your preference.

Types of Men’s Leather Duster Coats

You will find various duster coats, among them you will find different textures and designs that will make your heart want to add one to your wardrobe.

The classic black leather duster coat is an open style. It is designed with stylish buttons and a great snap front closure. With its short Cape and glossy look, it is a great contrast between rugged and classy

The brown duster coat is similar to the black one. Its muddy brown color instantly enhances the whole look. Brown has never disappointed. It pairs easily well and gives a fresh look. With brown you can experiment with so many colors.