Men’s Trench and Winter Coats

The history of trench coat goes back to the time of World War 1 when they were first used by the British Army as a substitute for those paunchy looking coats that were not fulfilling the purpose well.

Trench coat were originally used for protection against water as they are made with water resistant fabric. Later they were modified and bigger and thicker trench coats were created.

Fashionmongers at the time saw potential in selling them as a winter coat by customizing fabrics and adding details. Later, they become an absolute fashion statement and are still in the trend.

Winter Coats have been evolving since the 1930s era. We have seen it advance in terms of functionality, comfort level and in style. Initially, coats in general was associated and worn by men only.

Know Your Style

You will find numerous categories of winter coats and trench coats. But, you need to know your preference well to get the perfect coat. Coats for men have been always been an important task. Back in the day, the style, fabric and length of the coat would determine your class.

As the time has progressed, these limitations and stereotypes have eased up a bit. People experiment with different styles and fabrics. The category of winter coats is very vast. You will see from traditional coats to pea coats. Knowing the difference is the key.

Trench coats have a standard 10 buttons on a double breasted buckling. They are made with hefty water proof material and have a separate waist belt attached. The pea coats are what I term as a lavish attire. They reek elegance and class. This is the most loved article among the category for coats for man. The short fitted double breasted with inclusive lapel design bequeath voguish impression.

The duster winter coast were popular among the horseback riders and were celebrated amongst others as well for its multiple functionality. The duster winter coast not only keeps you warm but also prevent rain and dust to settle on you. Bonus points for being lightweight and comfy.

Duffle coats are not as much sought after as compared to other overcoats because of its stiff texture. They were designed for military officers and are enjoyed by such personals.

Trench coats are available in various fabrics mainly cotton and wool and comes in both short and long length. An average trench coat is about a three quarter.

What Would Look Good With My Trench And Winter Coat

The three quarter trench coat goes well over well paired outfits. Pick neutral or matching bottoms to go with your coat. Great thing about winter coat is that they are appropriate for both formal and informal setting.

For an informal even, a comfy sweatshirt and sweatpants would looks incredible. If it’s not cold than this is an epic look. If the temperature is too cold layer it accordingly.

For formal events, they work well over suit and tie and looks very manly.