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Easy Returns

Exchange, return &refund strategy

The exchange, return, & refund policy is allowed only within 15 days starting from the day of giving an order.

We always try to deliver quality products that customers ask for, we strive hard to guarantee quality material, color, size, sewing style, durability, and working time that they want.

But in another case, if products have some faults including color, size, fitting, stitching, and is look different from the picture as on the website. To solve this problem we are offering a return strategy but it is depending upon the verification process, and support to return, exchange or refund.

There is no rocket science in return or exchange, you need to wear this outwear and send us a snap with ensuring that you are doing this in 7 working days and also explain other problems which you have about this wear.

Your complaints will be noticed for 15 days as per our return and exchange strategy. After 7 days we will not be responsible for your loss because we can take action if you interact within 7 days after placing your order.

You can interact with us via service agents, on email, what’s app live chat, and call facility, we are always present to hold your problems.

The Refund policy is not applicable on following conditions:

The Refund Policy Is Only Adaptable In The Following Situations:

  • If the purchaser makes no changes in the product
  • If they are not taking out labels

  • The product should be present in the same condition in which it is delivered, the form should be good despite bad rather than before. If you have any issues with color, size, and material we will be ready to return or refund for our customer satisfaction.

  • After 7 days, if someone’s rights of returning, they will be receiving half out of the full price of any product but in that case if they are ordering a foreign address.

The Refund Policy Is Not Adaptable In The Following Situations

  • The customer will be in the wrong spot if they placed an order in two different options like color or size but want to return one of them.

Ritual Duties

The duties and goals of every country can be different rather than others. For us, customer satisfaction does matter 1st so we have no placement charges. You have no issue giving or receiving an order from home.

Notable Points

It is a great thing we are paying all shipping charges even though items or parcel shipping is not free of cost. If the state of purchaser pays any custom duties on the courier then the purchaser tends to give all the charges as it is not our headache.

Refund will be applicable through the safest pay pal method

Shipping costs will not be returnable